Leadership Team

Petro Barchuk image
Petro Barchuk
Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis

Howard Cyr
Howard Cyr
Corporate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

John Deren image
John Deren
Corporate Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Timothy Duffy image
Timothy Duffy
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

James Ferguson image
James Ferguson
President and General Manager, Surgical

Michelle Fox image
Michelle Fox
Corporate Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Michelle Fox image
Travis Gay
President and General Manager, Interventional Urology

Roger Graham image
Roger Graham
President and General Manager, Interventional

Marie Hendrixson image
Marie Hendrixson
Vice President, Internal Audit

Cameron Hicks image
Cameron Hicks
Corporate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Matthew Howald image
Matthew Howald
Vice President, Treasurer

Liam J. Kelly image

Liam J. Kelly

Chairman, President and CEO


“Teleflex is a company built on strong brand reputation, honest and transparent business practices, and an unwavering spirit that drives us to fulfil our purpose to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. Together, we will empower the future of healthcare.”
– Liam J. Kelly

Matthew James image
Matthew James
President, EMEA and Global Urology

Lawrence Keusch image
Lawrence Keusch
Vice President of Investor Relations and Strategy Development

Michael Kryukov image
Michael Kryukov
Vice President, Global Tax

Lisa Kudlacz image
Lisa Kudlacz
President and General Manager, Vascular

Bert Lane image
Bert Lane
Vice President, Global Logistics and Distribution

Dan Logue image
Daniel V. Logue
Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Praneet Mehrotra image
Praneet Mehrotra
President, APAC

Jake Newman image
Jake Newman
President, The Americas

Thomas Powell image

Thomas Powell

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Daniel Price image
Daniel Price
Corporate Vice President, Commercial Finance

Dominik Reterski image
Dominik Reterski
Corporate Vice President, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs

Whitney Reynolds image
Whitney Reynolds
Vice President, Global Customer Experience

Kevin Robinson image
Kevin Robinson
President and General Manager, Anesthesia & Emergency Medicine

Greg Stotts image
Greg Stotts
President and General Manager, OEM

Matt Tomkin image
Matt Tomkin
Corporate Vice President, Business Development

Jay White image
Jay White
Corporate Vice President & President, Global Commercial

James Winters image
James Winters
Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain