James Ferguson

James Ferguson image

James Ferguson is President and General Manager of Surgical for Teleflex.

He was the leader of the Respiratory business following the division of Anesthesia and Respiratory in January 2015 until taking over the Surgical business in December 2017.

James also led the Latin America region from 2008-2021, achieving growth contribution in all product segments. He helped to establish a legal entity in Brazil to expand direct sales and clinical support positions as well as a new distribution center in Mexico City.

James joined Teleflex through the Hudson RCI acquisition in July 2004. He initially was appointed Vice President of Sales North America, and subsequently served as Vice President of Corporate Sales.

Prior to Teleflex, James was at Hudson for 11 years, serving as Director of Hospital Sales/National Sales Manager and in various national and regional sales manager positions.

He earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of San Diego in California.

He is based in Morrisville, NC, USA.