Michelle Fox

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Michelle Fox, RN BSN was named Corporate Vice President & Chief Medical Officer for Teleflex in February 2020.

She previously served as Vice President, Clinical and Medical Affairs since January 2015.

Michelle joined Teleflex in December 2013 as the Senior Director of Clinical Affairs through the acquisition of Vidacare. She has more than ten years of medical device management experience. During her time at Vidacare, Michelle led many successful growth initiatives and acted as the spokesperson for the company resulting in practice change through the release of new guidelines and policies, collaboration in education, clinical research, professional development and advocacy.

She has been instrumental in strengthening the organization through the formation of our global Clinical and Medical Affairs division. Michelle and her leadership team set the clinical vision and strategy for the organization. She provides leadership to Medical Affairs which provides medical guidance for the Company’s global product portfolio and assures compliance with global regulatory, legislative and medical requirements. Clinical Affairs representatives lead the design of and implementation of multidisciplinary clinical development programs covering a broad range of products and therapeutic areas in collaboration with strategic business partners. Michelle also leads the scientific, clinical research and reimbursement arm of the organization.

Michelle’s work has focused on organizational and systems development. This includes interactive medical education, as a means to making transformational change and supporting research that implements the best medical practices into bedside clinical care. She has lectured nationally and internationally on the impact of strong collaboration between Clinical and Medical Affairs and professional medical and nursing societies. She offers a rare blend of strong clinical practice and leadership, driven by her desire to improve patient outcomes, and tempered by a clear understanding of the challenges facing healthcare today.

Michelle received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Colby Sawyer College, a Dartmouth Affiliated program, and went on to complete a Harvard Affiliated Critical Care Residency Program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She has served in advisory positions for medical and nursing societies, Board of Trustees and contributed to new standards of practice for specialty societies.

She is based in Boston, MA, USA.