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PRODUCT(s) Patent Numbers(s)
Auto Endo5® / Auto Endo10® Appliers US 7,585,304
Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligation System US 6,863,675
MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System US 7,766,937; US 8,133,255; US 8,956,351; US 9,326,784; US 9,492,187; US 10,166,038; US 10,722,297; US 11,109,875; AU 2007226579; CN 101478923; JP 5443158; KR 10-1332173
Pleur-evac® Chest Drainage System US 7,524,311
Standard Bougie® Device US 10,285,837; US 10,470,911; US 11,173,060
Standard Clamp® Device US 10,278,707; US 10,987,108; AR 098797; AU 2018203527; CA 2932285; CN 106028976; CN 110179511; MX 369672; MX 394478
Titan SGS® Stapler US 9,724,096; US 9,936,953; US 10,231,734; US 10,278,699; US 10,405,860; US 10,441,283; US 10,542,986; US 10,548,597; US 10,624,638; US 10,687,814; US 10,849,623; US 10,912,562; US 10,966,721; US 11,096,686; US 11,197,672; AU 2015241193; AU 2019284068; AU 2019284071; AU 2020201172; BR 112020003029; BR 122021013765; CA 2944329; CA 2944383; MX 386240
Weck® EFX Shield® Facial Closure System US 9,492,163; US 9,539,002; US 10,251,640; US 10,470,750; AU 2014364039; AU 2014364043; CA 2932469; CA 2933197; CN 105828729; CN 105848591; CN 109009255; EP 3079600 (extended to DE, FR, GB, IT); JP 6246935; JP 6353051; KR 10-1904628; KR 10-1919211
Weck® Vista® Access Port US 7,011,314; US 7,390,316; US 7,731,695; US 8,821,445; US 9,901,373; US 10,799,267; CA 2452338; CA 2501795; CA 2660831; CN 100546664; CN 100577226; CN 101505665; JP 4833841; JP 5235017; JP 5412565; JP 5824021; EP 1501570 (extended to DE, FR, GB, IT); EP 1651096 (extended to DE, FR, GB, IT); EP 2083903 (extended to DE, FR, GB)
Weck® Vista® Balloon Access Port US 6,908,454
Weck® Vista® Rotating Valve CA 2476098
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