Deknatel® Suture is a premium specialty suture designed to support cardiovascular surgeons.

Deklene® MAXX Polypropylene Suture

The strong, smooth, pliable Deklene® MAXX Polypropylene Suture provides superior handling, accurate knot placement and knot security for the most delicate specialty procedures.

Knot Security &
Reduced Memory

Increased Knot Security – Outperforming the leading competitor1

  • Enhanced elongation provides tactile feedback before breakage
  • Unmatched suture strength
  • Superior knot security

Reduced memory

  • Single strand straight packs further reduce suture memory
  • Packaging designed for convenient direct-arm access

Premium XT Needles

Premium XT Needles – the anastamotic problem solver

  • Single strand straight packs further reduce suture memory
  • Packaging designed for convenient direct-arm access

Pre-Pledgeted Suture

Premium XT Needles – the anastamotic problem solver

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce occurrence of frayed pledgets

Tevdek® | Polydek® | Cottony II Braided Polyester Suture

Deknatel® Braided Polyester Suture is stronger than silk and provides long-lasting support. The unique PTFE coating and impregnation process used on both Tevdek® and Polydek® Suture helps to reduce “dead space” in the braid, rendering the suture material virtually inert and reducing the risk of wicking and tissue reactivity while providing superior lubricity.

Tevdek® | Polydek® | Cottony II
Polyester Suture

Tevdek® Suture was the first braided polyester suture introduced over 35 years ago and originally developed for heart valve implantation.

  • Heavy PTFE coating and tight weave provide minimum friction, allowing suture to pass easily through the most friable tissue
  • Knots slide smoothly

Silky II Polydek® Suture is the same strong braided polyester substrate as Tevdek® Suture, but with a lighter PTFE treatment.

  • Tightly braided Polydek® Suture is lightly coated with PTFE and handles and ties just like silk
  • Smoother, stronger and longer lasting than silk

Cottony II is the uncoated version of our polyester suture.

  • “Mechanical softening” process makes the polyester Cottony II suture feel as soft and smooth as cotton

K-Point Needle

K-Point Needles – for cardiovascular and orthopedic surgical applications

  • K-Point needles combine a scalpel sharp cutting edge with a taper point geometry
  • Cutting edge does not extend beyond the taper of the needle, yet easily cuts through the toughest tissue
  • Taper point makes a round hole to minimize bleeding
  • Unique design allows for the sharpest penetration with the least amount of tissue trauma

NextStitch® Valve Implantation Device

NextStitch® Valve Suturing enables perfect approximation of adjacent sutures by placing two sutures with a single needle pass, eliminating the risk of damaging a suture with an adjacent needle.

  • Fewer needle punctures to the annulus
  • Simplifies precise placement of adjacent sutures
  • Eliminates risk of damaging a suture with an adjacent needle

Custom Solutions

Procedure Paks reduce inventory costs, minimize waste and expedite OR set-up time. The patented design of all Teleflex procedure paks provides needle visibility for direct arming convenience.

Quick-Pik Suture Systems

  • Quick-Pik V-Paks: procedure-specific arrangement by suture material, size, length and quantity
  • Quick-Pik Straight Paks: tiered needle placement permits superior direct arming convenience while reducing suture memory
  • Quick-Pik Tie Paks: Arrange multiple types of ligatures in one tangle-free carrier combining multiple material types, size and bundle quantities

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