Chest Drainage

Pleur-evac Pneumonectomy Unit

The Pneumonectomy Balanced Drainage system provides surgeons with a safe and effective way to evacuate air and fluid from the pleural space following a pneumonectomy, providing a safe alternative from traditional drains for this special and delicate type of patient.

A-4301-08LF Pneumonectomy Unit

  • Large capacity collection chamber: 2350 cc disposable unit safely collects infectious fluids
  • Accurate pressure control: Positive pressure (+1 cm) and negative pressure (-13 cm) are limited to facilitate collection of drainage and to help re-establish normal intra-thoracic pressure and avoid a potential mediastinal shift
  • This unit is the only Pleur-evac model without the capability to impose suction, thereby enhancing patient safety.

The model is composed of 3 chambers

  • Drainage Collection chamber (white chamber)
  • Positive pressure chamber (red chamber) fill to 1 cm level
  • Negative pressure chamber (blue chamber) fill to -13 cm

NOTE: There is no high negativity float valve. If patient negative pressure in pnuemonectomy space reaches –13 cm, atmospheric air will be pulled into the system through the small arm of this column.

The patient pressure will be "balanced" between +1 cm (red chamber) and -13 cm (blue chamber). This helps keep intrapleural pressure at a mean average of -6 cm of H2O, the physiological "norm".