Chest Drainage

Pleur-evac® A-6000 Cactus Series

Pleur-evac<sup>®</sup> A-6000 Cactus Series

Dry Suction / Wet Seal Control

  • Pre-filled water bottle
  • Tip-over protection from atmospheric air entry while suction is on
  • 16 LPM required suction
  • Generous 2500 cc collection chamber
  • Quick-disconnect tubing
  • Patented Air Leak Meter
  • Needleless connectors
  • Self-sealing sample ports

Pleur-evac 6000 series image A-6000-08LF

Adult/Pediatric Single Collection Chamber

With quick-disconnect tubing.
Pleur-evac 6002 image A-6002-08LF

Adult/Pediatric Dual Collection Chamber

With quick-disconnect tubing.
Pleur-evac 6020 image A-6020-08LF

Pediatric Single Collection Chamber
Pleur-evac 9250 image A-9250LF

Adult/Pediatric Single Collection Chamber with Continuous Re-infusion Capability

With quick-disconnect tubing.

Set-up A-6000 Unit | Download Video (MP4 Format)

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Set-up A-9250 | Download Video (MP4 Format)