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ConchaSmart® Technology

Rely on simple, smart, practical solutions to meet the unique needs of every patient with the ConchaSmart® and ISO-Gard® Circuits, the Comfort Flo® Plus Cannula, the Comfort Flo® Humidification System and other Hudson RCI® Humidification Products from Teleflex.

Comfort Flo® Plus Cannula

Increasing the Flow of Innovation.

Introducing a new standard in care, the Hudson RCI® Comfort Flo® Plus Cannula from Teleflex is redefining High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy (HFNCT). With HFNCT you can achieve new levels of patient comfort, flush upper airway dead space and improve patient outcomes.4


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Comfort Flo® Plus Cannula

High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy System

We are pleased to offer a turn-key solution for your ever-changing High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy (HFNCT) needs. The Hudson RCI® Neptune® Heated Humidifier and the Comfort Flo® Plus Cannula can now be used with the Maxtec® MaxVenturi Blender, providing a versatile solution for administering HFNCT in many patient care settings.

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Comfort Flo® Humidification System

ConchaSmart® Circuits

Innovation and excellence in humidification.

ConchaSmart® Circuits are the only breathing circuits validated for 30-day useful life, and are designed to reduce circuit breaks, confirm optimal humidification at the patient wye, and streamline clinician efficiency.

ISO-Gard® Circuits

A simple, effective design that works.

Combined with ISO-Gard® Circuit Technology, the Hudson RCI® Neptune® Heated Humidifier with ConchaSmart® Technology lets you meet the unique humidification needs of every patient, while helping to reduce the risks associated with managing condensate1-3.

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ISO-Gard® Circuit
VAP Prevention Strategies

Humidification Essentials


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