Minnie® Support Catheter

Made for mobility

The Minnie® Support Catheter is designed with an advanced polymer shaft, fully encapsulated marker bands and smooth, tapered tip-to-guidewire transition. Combined, these features provide an exceptionally smooth catheter for deliverability and guidewire movement to navigate tortuous anatomy, access small vessels and support guidewires while crossing challenging lesions.

  • Impressive trackability — requires less force to advance the catheter over a guidewire through simulated anatomy1
  • Excellent guidewire movement — requires less force to advance the guidewire through the catheter1
  • Fully encapsulated radiopaque marker bands enhance guidewire movement and deliverability
  • Smooth, tapered tip-to-guidewire transition works together with the advanced polymer shaft to facilitate smooth vessel navigation
  • Advanced polymer shaft promotes trackability and prevents softening at body temperature


  1. Data on file at Teleflex. Test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.
The Minnie® Support Catheters are intended to be used in conjunction with steerable guidewires in order to access discrete regions of the arterial and/or coronary vasculature. They may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices. The Minnie support catheters also may be used to subselectively infuse/deliver therapeutic agents.

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