Gel-Bead Embolization Spheres

Bioresorbable gelatin spheres designed for targeted embolization


Gel-Bead Embolization Spheres demonstrated degradation beginning at 4 weeks with some spheres still present at 12 weeks.*

4 Week Histology

20x magnification, H&E stain

Gel-Bead 100-300μm Sphere implant site at 4 weeks. As shown above, Gel-Bead Spheres began to demonstrate significant degradation (arrows), mediated by the infiltration of inflammatory cells.

12 Week Histology

20x magnification, H&E stain

Gel-Bead 100-300μm Sphere implant site at 12 weeks. Tissue surrounding the presumed implant site consisted of fibrous connective tissue containing macrophages and multinucleated giant cells.


Spherical shape designed to provide consistent embolic delivery with predictable sphere size distribution.

Gelatin Spheres

Gelatin Slurry

For illustrative purposes only.

Multiple Size Ranges

Available in four size ranges for targeted embolization of hypervascular tumors.

*Testing completed within an animal study model by Teleflex. Data on file. Animal study results may or may not be indicative of clinical outcomes in humans.

Gel-Bead Embolization Spheres are intended for use in embolization of hypervascular tumors.

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