Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes

A full breadth of sizes and styles

Rüsch® and Sheridan® reinforced tubes from Teleflex feature a full range of both cuffed and uncuffed tubes. With a stainless-steel, spiral-wound, reinforcing wire within the tube wall and bonded 15mm connectors, these tubes are designed to reduce kinks and disconnects, by removing the circuits and connectors from the surgical field.

Rüsch® Cuffed Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes

Made of PVC

These wire-reinforced tubes feature bonded connectors and high-volume, low-pressure cuffs.

  • Single-use
  • Sterile
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Rüsch® Flex Endotracheal Tube

Ref. Order Size / I.D. O.D. length * murphy Qty
1039020353.5 mm5.8 mm229 mm5
1039020404.0 mm6.3 mm237 mm5
1039020454.5 mm6.8 mm259 mm5
1039020505.0 mm7.3 mm321 mm5
1039020555.5 mm7.8 mm322 mm5
1039020606.0 mm8.4 mm329 mm5
1039020656.5 mm9.0 mm334 mm5
1039020707.0 mm9.6 mm352 mm5
1039020757.5 mm10.2 mm356 mm5
1039020808.0 mm10.8 mm364 mm5
1039020858.5 mm11.3 mm388 mm5
1039020909.0 mm11.9 mm398 mm5
1039020959.5 mm12.4 mm399 mm5
10390210010.0 mm12.9 mm399 mm5

* Length without connector

Sheridan® Spiral-Flex® Endotracheal Tube

Ref. Order Size / I.D. O.D. Cuff Ø length Qty
Cuffed oral
5-125105.0 mm7.5 mm19.0 mm216 mm5
5-125115.5 mm8.2 mm22.0 mm221 mm5
5-125126.0 mm8.8 mm24.0 mm240 mm5
5-125136.5 mm9.4 mm26.0 mm260 mm5
5-125147.0 mm10.0 mm27.0 mm279 mm5
5-125157.5 mm10.6 mm28.0 mm295 mm5
5-125168.0 mm11.4 mm28.0 mm300 mm5
5-125178.5 mm12.0 mm29.0 mm321 mm5
5-125189.0 mm12.6 mm29.0 mm321 mm5
Cuffed oral/nasal
5-126105.0 mm7.5 mm19.0 mm246 mm5
5-126115.5 mm8.2 mm22.0 mm276 mm5
5-126126.0 mm8.8 mm24.0 mm286 mm5
5-126136.5 mm9.4 mm26.0 mm297 mm5
5-126147.0 mm10.0 mm27.0 mm306 mm5
5-126157.5 mm10.6 mm28.0 mm318 mm5
5-126168.0 mm11.4 mm28.0 mm327 mm5
5-126178.5 mm12.0 mm29.0 mm327 mm5
5-126189.0 mm12.6 mm29.0 mm327 mm5

Rüsch® Uncuffed Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes

Made of PVC

These uncuffed tubes feature bonded connectors and are reinforced with a stainless-steel, spiral-wound wire.

  • Single-use
  • Sterile
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Rüsch® Paediatric Reinforced Endotracheal Tube

Ref. I.D. O.D. length * Qty
103600-0000252.5 mm4.1 mm184.0 mm2
103600-0000303.0 mm4.8 mm184.5 mm2
103600-0000353.5 mm5.5 mm184.5 mm2
103600-0000404.0 mm6.0 mm194.5 mm2
103600-0000454.5 mm6.5 mm198.0 mm2
103600-0000505.0 mm7.2 mm208.0 mm2
103600-0000555.5 mm7.7 mm208.0 mm2
103600-0000606.0 mm8.2 mm208.0 mm2
103600-0000656.5 mm8.9 mm268.5 mm2

* length without connector

Sheridan® Spiral-Flex® Reinforced Endotracheal Tube

Ref. Order Size / I.D. O.D. length Qty
5-129063.0 mm4.2 mm160 mm5
5-129073.5 mm4.9 mm181 mm5
5-129084.0 mm5.5 mm200 mm5
5-129094.5 mm6.2 mm221 mm5
5-129105.0 mm6.8 mm241 mm5
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