Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Grants Program

Through our IIS Grants Program, Teleflex is committed to supporting the advancement of scientific knowledge, improved patient outcomes and the quality of healthcare through original, diverse, investigator-initiated proposals. We invite you to submit your proposal for support. Please consider submitting your request in English. Submission in languages other than English will require translation and may result in an extended period of time for review and consideration.


Grant-eligible research may be pre-clinical, post-mortem, in vitro, and/or human clinical in the areas of vascular access, anesthesia, emergency medicine, cardiac care, interventional access, urology, and surgical.

Note of disclosure:

As of January 2012, U.S. Federal law requires that companies collect information relating to payments and transfers of value and submit this information to the government for publication on the CMS Open Payments website. Teleflex complies with this law.

Requirements / Responsibilities:

Investigators must:
  • be qualified by training and experience to lead the proposed research
  • not be excluded, debarred, suspended, or otherwise ineligible to participate in health-care programs
  • not be an employee of Teleflex
  • be the originator of the research idea and author the concept/protocol

The Investigator is responsible for conducting the study in accordance with the protocol (developed by the Investigator), applicable institution policies, generally accepted standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)/Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and all applicable laws and regulations governing the performance of the study.

Review of the IIS Grant Request depends on the completion of the IIS Grant Request Form and submission of the documentation listed below. Missed information may delay the review process.
  • A current copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Research proposal (includes research hypothesis, proposed study design, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and recruitment plan)
  • Documentation of the support requested, including:
    • Detailed budget (if requesting funding)
    • Type and amount of product (when applicable)

IIS Grant Request Form

Approval / Acceptance:

All proposals will be reviewed based on scientific merit and available funding. Once a proposal is endorsed, Teleflex will request review of the final approved protocol to ensure it accurately reflects the endorsed proposal. This final approved protocol will be a part of the agreement between the research institution and Teleflex. Unfortunately, not all proposals will be endorsed. Teleflex will notify you of our decision as soon as possible after the review of the submission.

Summary of IIS Process:

Sponsor-Investigator Teleflex
Application & Review
  • Submit summary of concept or full protocol, including required initial documentation and information
  • Review submission
  • Request additional information, as needed
  • Communicate final decision to support or decline the submission
  • Inform approved applicants of next steps
  • Submit final required documentation and information
  • Review all submitted final documents
  • Negotiate, finalize, and execute agreement
  • Activation
  • Issue initial payment/shipment per agreement
Study Conduct
  • Research
  • Monitor progress
  • Data reporting
  • Review submitted final study report. A quality draft manuscript may be used as the final deliverable, per study agreement
  • Final reconciliation
  • Determine if any excess support should be returned to Teleflex and notify Investigator

If you are unable to submit your request via the online form, please contact us via the email listed below: