Jugular Axillo-subclavian Central Catheter

Meet JACC.

The first and only long-term antimicrobial and antithrombogenic CVC.

The ARROW® JACC (Jugular Axillo-subclavian Central Catheter) is the latest innovation from the leaders in Central Venous Access. Indicated for short to long-term dwell, this breakthrough CVC can stay with the patient for their entire length of therapy, from ICU to Outpatient Care. The ARROW® JACC is a protected line for your patients with all the unique features of the ARROW® CVC. Get ready for a new paradigm in vascular access.

Chlorag+ard® Technology

Protects against infection and thrombosis

Single, Dual or Triple Lumen

Choose the most appropriate number of lumens based on patient's needs

Staggered Exit Ports

Innovative design to reduce the risk of mixing incompatible medications that may create precipitate1

Blue Flextip® Feature

Designed to enhance maneuverability and minimize vessel trauma

Pressure Injectable
  • Maximum flow rate of 6 mL/sec*
  • Pressure injection capabilities clearly marked on catheter hubs

Smaller French Size
  • Smaller french size, less risk for thrombosis
  • Available in 4.5, 5.5 and 6 french sizes
Smaller catheter body compared to a short-term triple-lumen CVC (6 vs 7 french)

Multiple Lengths

To accommodate Jugular, Subclavian or Axillary insertion


  1. Collins JL, Lutz RJ. In vitro Study of Simultaneous Infusion of Incompatible Drugs in Multilumen Catheters. Heart & Lung. 1991; 20(3):271-7

* Single- and double-lumen catheters have a maximum flow rate of 5 mL/sec

Rx only

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