Arterial Catheters

Arterial Catheterization Trays

Save time, avoid complications.

  • Standard Seldinger Technique
  • Sharps Protected Arterial Catheter
  • Integrated Seldinger Technique
  • QuickFlash® System

The unrealized risk of infection

All of the latest studies conclude that arterial lines are a significant source of catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI).1,2,3 Current market research trends indicate an increased awareness that arterial catheter infection rates are similar to central venous catheter infection rates. Thus, a call to treat arterial line insertions like a central line insertions have prompted the market to move from sets to all-inclusive, evidence-based, best practice kits. This trend is supported by several publications, as well as the 2011 CDC guidelines for the use of (maximal) barrier precautions for arterial catheter placement. Additionally, devices with sharps safety features are essential to helping prevent accidental needlestick injury. ARROW® Arterial Kits make it easy by providing ChloraPrep® Preoperative Skin Preparation, a fenestrated drape, and sharps safety features in one comprehensive kit.


Infection prevention begins at insertion

  • Aseptic Technique: Easier to maintain with prepackaged tray components
  • Sterile Fenestrated Drape: Appropriately sized to ensure sterility of the procedure
  • ChloraPrep® Preoperative Skin Preparation: Meets CDC and IHI guidelines and INS Standards
  • Biopatch® Protective Disk with CHG: Proven to reduce CRBSI with arterial catheters4
  • Arterial Line Insertion Checklist: Essential for infection prevention

Reliable access

The design of the Standard Seldinger Technique components minimize infection while providing increased access options. Features such as flexible suture wings and the hydrophilic coating help increase positive outcomes.

  • Flexible, angled suture wings with low profile: Allows flexibility for securement
  • Spring-Wire Guide: With soft tip ends for atraumatic insertion
  • Hydrophilic-coated polyurethane: Specifically designed for arterial access

All-in-one access

A milestone in arterial catheterization by offering the first integrated design. Enables quick and easy insertions with high success rates. Reduced risk of contamination and blood contact.

  • Easy visualization of successful arterial access
  • Short needle bevel and precise transition between the needle tip and catheter allowing for smooth insertion
  • Clear Feed Tube: Allows quick and easy insertion of the wire with less risk of contamination

Simplified placement in a flash

Combines the ease of use of a peripheral I.V. with the advantages of an integrated Seldinger device. The QuickFlash® System allows for a rapid identification of blood return with arterial puncture.

  • Insertion needle with side holes: For rapid blood return, designed to avoid through-and-through puncture
  • Insertion needle with flashback chamber: Contains blood, designed to minimize blood exposure
  • Hydrophilic coating: Easy threading
  • Shortened design with removable wire: Simplifies handling and allows insertion with one hand

All-in-one access, putting safety first

ARROW® Arterial Products are designed to reduce procedural time and increase the success rate of arterial access. ARROW® Arterial Products also offer the only passive sharps safety arterial catheters with integral spring-wire guide design.

  • Needle Protection Assembly: Reduces the risk of needlestick injury
  • Catheter over needle: Optimized design allowing for smooth insertion
  • Clear Feed Tube: Allows quick and easy insertion of the wire with less risk of contamination


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