Arrow® ErgoPack® System

Arrow® ErgoPack® System featuring ArrowEVOLUTION PICC with Chlorag+ard® Technology

Arrow® ErgoPack® System featuring Pressure Injectable ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS® CVC

Discover a vascular access insertion system that:

  • Provides defense against known sources of bloodstream infection1-7
  • Reduces procedure time8
  • Allows for more efficient insertions8

The complete vascular access insertion system for infection protection

With the reality of mandatory public reporting of central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) and value-based purchasing looming, now is the time to choose a vascular access system designed to prevent infections and their associated expenses.

The Arrow® ErgoPack® System, when combined with the ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS® or Chlorag+ard® Antimicrobial Catheter Technology, provides defense against all 5 sources of bloodstream infection to help your institution attain and sustain the goal of zero CLABSIs.1-7

The Arrow® ErgoPack® System combines proven tools for central line insertion that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Infusion Nurses Society. The Arrow® ErgoPack® System includes a 21-step checklist for the insertion team to document that they followed the recommendations of each group.

The Arrow® ErgoPack® System is a human factors research–based vascular access insertion system designed to:

  • Provide defense against known sources of bloodstream infection1-7
  • Help your institution attain and sustain the goal of zero CLABSIs
  • Reduces procedure time8
  • Allows for more efficient insertions8

An ergonomically designed kit

  • Components organized by sequential insertion steps for easy access and procedural efficiency and standardization
  • Easily accessible checklist and instructions available for reference before opening sterile package
  • Improved labeling for quick and accurate on-the-shelf product identification

The Arrow® ErgoPack® System reduces procedure time8

With its ergonomic design and more compact size, the ErgoPack® System is easy to store, and its components are easy to identify during a procedure. The ErgoPack® System features:

  • Non-overlapping instrument layout for increased accessibility
  • SharpsAway® II Locking Disposal Cup
  • HemoHopper® Fluid Receptacle


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