Balloon Catheters

Safe Solutions for Permanent Transurethral Urinary Drainage

Are you seeking a modern safe solution for permanent bladder catheterization?

The patient's health and well-being is Teleflex’s motivation to make transurethral urinary drainage as safe as possible, especially when used long-term. A variety of products are offered which effectively reduce the following sources of irritation of the urethra, which can lead to urinary tract infection:

  • mechanical, e.g., by encrustations on the catheter itself
  • bacterial
  • intolerance of the material

Our entire indwelling bladder catheters are:

  • Gentle – the urethra and the sensitive urethral mucosa are preserved
  • Safe – sterile and extremely gentle application minimizes risk of urinary tract infections
  • Smooth – little tendency to form encrustation and biofilm
  • Flexible – elastic but firm material for easy insertion and maximum wearing comfort
  • Tolerable – high biocompatibility
  • Efficient – fast and continuous drainage performance

The quality requirements of indwelling catheters for guaranteed safety are:

  • tolerable, biocompatible, smooth material
  • smoothly rounded catheter tips and drainage openings (eyes)
  • safe anchoring of the balloon and smooth transition between balloon and shaft
  • valve for secure connection to a Luer or Luer-lock syringe tip
  • color-code on the catheter for safe identification of the size
  • sterile individual packaging

Teleflex strives to find optimal solutions to make permanent transurethral urinary drainage as safe, easy and as time-saving as possible, while also being comfortable and, of course, economical.

Based on advanced technology and high quality standards a full range of products are offered for indwelling catheterization focused on the needs of patients without neglecting the requirements of doctors and nursing staff.

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