Helping You Move on From Ureterocutaneostomy

Are you looking for a comfortable and safe medium or long-term urine drainage solution?

What does “ureterocutaneostomy” mean?

The ureters are ducts which carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. A cutaneous ureterostomy, also called ureterocutaneostomy, detaches one or both ureters from the bladder, and brings them to the surface of the abdomen with the formation of an opening (stoma) to divert the flow of urine away from the bladder when the bladder is not functioning or has been removed.

Ureterocutaneostomy Catheter – Comfort and safety for medium and long-term use

  • Efficient – several catheter eyes arranged along the shaft
  • Individual – can be cut to optimal length for user's anatomy
  • Safe - small wings and a small splashback disc keep the catheter securely in position and clean from contamination with urine

How does the ureterocutaneostomy catheter work?

As with all other urine catheters, it drains the urine via a soft tube and collects it in a urine bag.

Who can benefit from this system?

This catheter gives people, who have a ureterocutaneous stoma, a good feeling of comfort and safety with a high standard of quality and tolerability.

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