Turnpike® Catheters

This uniquely constructed microcatheter contains a robust multi-layer shaft that provides impressive flexibility, torque transmission and tracking over a 0.014” guidewire in complex coronary and peripheral interventions.

The Turnpike® Catheter portfolio consists of the Turnpike® Catheter (standard version), the Turnpike® Spiral Catheter, the Turnpike® Gold Catheter, and the Turnpike® LP Catheter. Each catheter contains specific design elements to address various clinical challenges.

Why Torque Matters

Multi-layer shaft provides exceptional delivery

  • Unique 5-layer composite shaft provides an ideal combination of flexibility and torque to help navigate through complex anatomy
  • Dual-layer bidirectional coils facilitate torque transmission when rotating the catheter in both a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion
  • Outer polymer layer paired with a 60 cm distal hydrophilic coating facilitates smooth catheter delivery

Move Beyond Anatomical Challenges with Confidence and Control

In tortuosity and highly stenotic lesions, simply pushing a microcatheter may not be enough. In these instances, torque can help keep you moving forward.

The unique design of Turnpike® Catheters effectively transfers torque from the hub-to-tip —helping you keep the catheter in motion to reduce the friction and force required to advance beyond challenging conditions.

Tortuosity and highly stenotic lesions create friction which can prevent catheter advancement

Torque generated at the hub of the catheter is transmitted down the shaft to create a rotation at the tip*

Constant rotational motion keeps the catheter operating in a dynamic reduced friction environment, facilitating progress through challenging conditions

Turnpike® Catheters, Why Torque Matters

Flexible, tapered tip for excellent trackability

The standard Turnpike® Catheter features a long, flexible, tapered tip for excellent trackability in tortuous vessels. It is available in 135cm and 150cm lengths to facilitate both antegrade and retrograde complex coronary interventions.


Distal nylon coil provides rotational assistance for impressive trackability

The Turnpike® Spiral Catheter has the same construction as the standard Turnpike® Catheter, with the addition of an outer coil attached to the distal 2 cm of the catheter shaft. This outer coil is designed to provide additional rotational advancement to the Turnpike® Spiral Catheter when it is rotated in a clockwise direction. Although the Turnpike® Spiral Catheter is available in both 135 cm and 150 cm lengths, it is contraindicated for use in vessels with an effective diameter that is smaller than 1 mm. Therefore, it is not intended to be used as a retrograde coronary device.


Gold-plated, threaded metallic tip and distal nylon coil for enhanced advancement

The Turnpike® Gold Catheter has the same shaft construction as both the standard and spiral versions, but replaces the soft polymer tip with a gold-plated, stainless steel tip for added rotational advancement through resistant lesions. The tip of the Turnpike® Gold Catheter has threads (in addition to the threads on the shaft) that provide additional rotational advancement when the catheter is rotated in a clockwise direction. Although the Turnpike® Gold catheter is available in 135cm and 150cm, it is contraindicated for use in vessels with an effective diameter smaller than 1mm. Therefore, it is not intended to be used as a retrograde coronary device.


Low-profile version with greater tip and distal shaft flexibility for advancement through extreme tortuosity

The Turnpike® LP Catheter is similar to the standard Turnpike® Catheter, but with a lower distal shaft profile and increased flexibility on the distal shaft and tip. It has the same long, flexible, tapered tip as the standard Turnpike® Catheter and Turnpike® Spiral Catheter and a smooth distal shaft for rotation in either direction during advancement. Its lower profile and increased flexibility makes the 150 cm Turnpike® LP Catheter an ideal tool for navigating small and tortuous retrograde collateral vessels; while the 135 cm Turnpike® LP Catheter can be used for antegrade procedures.


*Do not rotate the catheter more than two (2) consecutive 360° rotations in either direction if the distal tip is not also rotating and advancing, as it may result in separation of the catheter, damage to the catheter, or vessel injury.
The Turnpike® Catheters are intended to be used to access discrete regions of the coronary and/or peripheral vasculature. They may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and to subselectively infuse/deliver diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

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