Arrow® StimuCath® Stimulating cPNB Catheter

The Arrow® StimuCath® Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter allows clinicians to objectively confirm accurate catheter tip placement through nerve stimulation, which can help improve secondary block success. The wire-reinforced catheter body and coil tip are visible under ultrasound, providing additional feedback on the catheter location to the clinician. Stimulating catheters have been shown to improve clinical outcomes;1 significantly decrease pain scores;2,3,4 and reduce rescue medication consumption,3,5,6 compared to non-stimulating catheters. The StimuCath® Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for post-operative pain management.1,2,7,8,9

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StimuCath Product
Coil Tip

Unique coil tip:

  • Objectively confirms accurate catheter tip placement using nerve stimulation
  • Visible under ultrasound
  • Designed to provide even distribution of anesthetic
Centimeter Markings

Centimeter markings on catheter:

  • Help identify how far the catheter has been advanced past the needle tip
SnapLock Adapter

SnapLock Catheter/Syringe Connector:

  • Proprietary design allows clinician to confirm catheter tip location using nerve stimulation even after the catheter stylet is removed
  • Uses friction to securely hold the catheter
  • Standard Luer syringe/tubing connection

Choice of two pin connectors:

  • Hooded pin connector with 2.0 mm connections. All trays with hooded pin connectors are packaged with a blue sterile connector, which allows for sterile switching of stimulation leads
  • J-Snare connector designed to facilitate one handed switching of current from catheter, needle, and SnapLock
Wire-reinforced, polyurethane catheter body

Wire-reinforced, polyurethane catheter body:

  • Designed to resist kinking - allowing a consistent flow of anesthetic through the catheter
  • Visible under ultrasound
StatLock Anchoring Device

Custom-designed StatLock® Anchoring Device:

  • Securely holds the StimuCath catheter, SnapLock catheter/syringe adapter, and injection tubing to the patient
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