Arrow® FlexBlock® Echogenic cPNB Catheter

The Arrow® FlexBlock Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block System is designed to provide:

Visiblity: The FlexBlock® Catheter's coil-reinforced, polyurethane body is designed to help improve continuous nerve block success by providing clinicians with an echogenic catheter which also resists kinking. The distal end of the catheter features a flexible catheter tip, while the integral stylet provides additional rigidity of the catheter body.

Patency: The coil reinforcement makes FlexBlock® Catheters kink resistant to better maintain patency, even in some situations that might cause ordinary nylon catheters to fail.

Efficiency: The specially designed Tuohy needles are designed to allow clinicians to retract the catheter back into the needle, if necessary, without withdrawing the needle and resticking the patient (see IFU for complete instructions).

Security: All standard FlexBlock® Catheterization kits and sets include the customized StatLock® catheter securement device, which securely anchors the FlexBlock® Catheter, SnapLock Adapter, and injection tubing to the patient.

StatLock is a registered trademark of C.R. Bard Inc.

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