Arrow® SureBlock® Spinal Anesthesia Collection

The Arrow® SureBlock® Spinal Anesthesia Collection features the Sprotte® spinal needle, which has been proven to minimize the incidence of postdural puncture headaches. Also, the spinal anesthesia procedure time can be significantly reduced by way of the Sprotte® needle's uniquely polished inner lumen and optimal hub design, which provide for rapid cerebrospinal fluid return after insertion. The results are enhanced comfort and safety for the patient and greater ease of use and reliability for the anesthesia provider

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StimuQuik Product
Metal Stylet

Extensively Polished - Stainless Steel Surface

The external surface and inner lumen of the cannula have been extensively polished to reduce surface roughness, ensuring optimal positioning for rapid cerebrospinal fluid return

Cannula Hub

Optimal Cannula Hub

The interior lumen of the clear hub fills quickly with cerebrospinal fluid, aiding in the fast and positive identification of the spinal space

Introduce Needle

Metal Stylet

Color-coded stylet with size information for easy reference

Introduce Needle

Introducer Needle

The inner contours of the introducer hub are designed with a precision fit to prevent damage to the atraumatic tip of the spinal needle during the introduction process

StimuQuik Detail Connector

Atraumatic - Pencil-Point Tip

Significantly reduces the risk of postdural puncture headache (1, 2, 3)


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