The Invisible Risk

An Invisible Risk exists in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Patients are exhaling waste anesthetic gas (WAG) into the breathing zone of their attending nurses,1 and although it cannot be detected by sight or odor, PACU clinicians can take action to protect themselves from the potential health effects. Learn more

What is WAG?

WAG is the result of patients exhaling the anesthetic gas from their respiratory systems following an operation. While the anesthetic gas is only administered for one operation and is typically not harmful to a patient, the effects could be cumulative for PACU nurses who spend every day working within the post-op patient's breathing zone.1 Learn more

Introducing the ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir Technology

The first of its kind, the ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir Technology was developed by Teleflex in partnership with clinicians who identified the issue and wanted to take action. As the only solution available for “source control” of WAG, the specialized ClearAir Technology of the ISO-Gard® Mask simultaneously delivers oxygen to patients and scavenges their exhalation to help limit exposure faced by clinicians. Learn more

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