Infection Control … It’s in your hands.

Teleflex is your partner in finding solutions. We believe that the tools you use should keep you and your patient’s safe, while providing uncompromised quality and reliability.

Our single-use disposable laryngoscopes offer the performance of reusable, while presenting the opportunity to substantially reduce the potential for infection associated with reusable devices.

Rusch® GreenLite® Blade

The Rusch® GreenLite® Disposable Metal Laryngoscope Blade is a single-use blade that offers users the performance and feel of a reusable metal blade. Ideal for crash carts, emergency situations and standard O.R. intubations, the Rusch® GreenLite® Blade ensures focused light transmission and visualization while minimizing any dazzle effect.

  • Focused light transmission
  • Solid, metal construction
  • Simple, reliable “click” locking and unlocking mechanism
  • Compatible with all Green system handles

Rusch® EquipLite Blade

The Rusch® EquipLite Disposable Metal Laryngoscope Blade offers users the performance and feel of a reusable metal blade. The single-use blades feature LED lighting technology that provides strong, focused and reliable illumination while reducing battery consumption.

Rusch® DisposeLED® Handle

The Rusch® DispoLED® Laryngoscope Handle is designed with clinician comfort in mind, with its sturdy construction and a textured ergonomic grip. The bright, focused (non-dispersed) LED light source provides optimal light output for intubation.

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