Easy Handling, Quick and Reliable Placement

1 - Intubate as usual with an endotracheal (ET) tube size 7.0 mm or larger. Attach the EZ-Multiport Adaptor.

2 - Confirm depth of intubation, leaving 4 cm between distal tip of the ET tube and the carina to allow sufficient space for the deployment of the bifurcated tips.

3 - Insert the EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker in the EZ-Multiport Adaptor and then reinsert the bronchoscope. Advance the EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker until the bifurcated ends are in either bronchus. Verify device orientation under visualization by inflating and deflating cuffs.

4 - Before the surgeon breaks the thoracic vacuum, ensure both cuffs of the EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker are deflated and discontinue ventilation until lung collapse is achieved. Inflate the cuff in the bronchus of the lung to be isolated and then resume ventilation.

Note: These instructions are for example only to help familiarize the clinician with the handling of the EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker and do not represent the product's full Instructions For Use, including its associated cautions and warnings. For a copy of complete product instructions, please contact your Teleflex Anesthesia & Respiratory Sales Specialist.

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