MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System

Less Trauma. In its simplest form.

The MiniLap from Teleflex is designed to reduce trauma for your patients while giving you all the essential functionality needed for less complex laparoscopic procedures.

Using a slim 2.4 mm shaft, the MiniLap System allows percutaneous insertion without the use of a trocar. The result is smaller incisions for smaller scars and less trauma.

The MiniLap System represents another innovation from Teleflex in the category of minimally invasive surgery: percutaneous laparoscopy. The MiniLap System enters directly through the skin using a shaft integrated needle tip. To grasp difficult structures, the design allows the system's grasper jaws to open up to 12.5 mm, ideal for a variety of the most common laparoscopic procedures.

Designed by a surgeon, the MiniLap System comes with two features; easy-to-use and disposable:

  • The 2.4 mm MiniLap System with MiniGrip Handle, with four types of graspers at the tip, makes it easy for surgeons to grasp and manipulate tissue
  • The 2.4 mm MiniLap System with Ring Type offers a grasper and four monopolar electrosurgical tools that provide the very important functions of traction/countertraction and cutting/cautery.
The MiniLap System makes your minimally invasive procedures even less invasive.

All the functionality you need for your most common procedures

Easy to use, the MiniLap System enters directly through the skin after cutting the skin, then deploys inside the body to provide essential functionality.

Insert through skin

Make a small incision using an 11-blade scalpel. Insert directly into the abdomen using the shaft integrated needle tip – no trocar needed.

Manipulate tissue

Lock the jaws onto the tissue for easy grasping. Stabilize extracorporeally for hands-free retraction at the distance and angle you desire.

Deploy tool

Once entry is observed, advance the instrument and deploy it inside the body for immediate use. Grasper jaws can open up to 12.5 mm.

Use with 5 mm tools

You can also introduce 5 mm laparoscopic devices, such as the Hem-o-lok Automatic Endo5 applier, through access ports.

MiniLap System with MiniGrip Handle
Functions similarly to traditional laparoscopic instruments

  1. Piercing Button

  2. Ratchet switch

    Available in ratcheting or non-ratcheting modes

  3. Arming indicator

  4. 2.4mm shaft

    • Allows for insertion directly through the skin, leaving a minimal scar
    • Proprietary steel shaft provides the strength and rigidity needed for secure tissue retraction
    • 30 cm length
  5. Grasper jaws

    Open up to 12.5 mm aperture to easily grasp tissue, like distended gall bladders

The tools you need for the procedures you do most

MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System with MiniGrip Handle

Choose from a portfolio of four grasper devices

MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System with ThumbGrip

MiniPolar Percutaneous Surgical System with Electrosurgery Probes

Available in four electrocautery devices


The tools you need for the procedures you do most

MiniLap System with MiniGrip Handle

Item No.




Alligator Grasper



Clutch Grasper



Babcock Grasper



Tong Grasper


MiniLap System with ThumbGrip Handle

Item No.




Alligator Grasper


MiniPolar System with Electrosurgery Probes

Item No.




Curved Spatula Probe



Straight Spatula Probe



Hook Probe



Conical Probe


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