Arrow Seldinger Arterial Catheter

Advanced design for advanced performance.

The Arrow Seldinger Arterial Catheter is designed to improve patient safety by eliminating confusion of catheter identification, reduce risk of complications associated with insertion technique, and provide optimal performance leading to effective treatment for patients. Available in multiple sizes to provide customization to each patient, each insertion site, and each application.

  • Designed for Patient Safety: Minimizes trauma to vessel wall and eliminates confusion of catheter identification
  • Saves Time and Costs: Eliminates finding and purchasing an add-on extension set
  • Advanced Performance: Innovative catheter material demonstrated high resistance to collapse, low thrombus accumulation and occlusion1.

Why PEBA Material?

Our SAC Catheters are made in Polyether Block Amide providing to catheters :

  • High resistance to collapse, which can lead to reduced waveform dampening
  • Low thrombus accumulation and occlusion in vivo
  • Low kink resistance to minimize restriction in flow passage
  • Easy insertion for material stiffness

Why Extension Lines with removable slide clamp?

  • Reduction of risk of contamination
  • Reduction handling at catheter hub
  • Improve efficiencies and costs associated with an add-on extension set

Every SAC Catheter is provided of flexible, angled stabilization suture wings with lowprofile for patient comfort and flexibility for securement


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