Venture 0.014" Catheters

Deflectable Tip Plus Torquable Shaft Equals Excellent Steerability

  • The Venture 0.014” Catheter’s tip can be deflected up to 90° to precisely direct guidewires around bends and tortuosity during complex cases

Excellent Visibility Under Fluoroscopy

  • 8 mm distal tip platinum construction provides excellent radiopacity

Outstanding torque transmission and guidewire support

  • Multi-layered coiled shaft construction provides torque transmission from handle to tip, kink resistance for excellent steering and control, and superb guidewire support while navigating through complex anatomy

Exceptional Deliverability

  • Hydrophilic coating on the distal 24 cm (RX) or 45 cm (OTW) provides excellent lubricity for delivery

Tip Deflection Angle Control

  • Using fingertip rotation on deflection knob of proximal handle allows for control of tip deflection angle

Potential Clinical Uses

Directed backup support for crossing ostial lesions
Angulated take-offs
and tortuous anatomy

The 0.014" Venture Catheter is indicated for directing, steering, controlling and supporting a guidewire to access discrete regions of the coronary and peripheral vasculature. The OTW version may also be used for manual delivery of saline solution or diagnostic contrast agents.

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Revised: 07/2020.