Epidural Catheters

Epidural Catheters

A two-fold benefit can be achieved with our Rüsch EpiStar when puncturing the epidural space: reduction of puncture trauma and, at the same time, higher flow-rates, extending your pain management possibilities. This can be obtained because the needle has a 18 Ga. small outer diameter, while the EpiStar catheter has an interior lumen like that of a standard 16 Ga. catheter.

The Rüsch EpiStar CSE is the ideal way of combining spinal and epidural anaesthesia. Catheter and spinal needle are introduced at the same time into the patented EpiStar CSE Tuohy needle.

ARROW's clinician-inspired FlexTip Plus is designed to reduce complications in the epidural space. It provides excellent kink resistance, catheter radiopacity and tensile strength with a soft flexible tip to reduce the risk of paraesthesia and inadvertent penetration of blood vessels.

FlexTip Plus is now available in two different set configurations – one includes a FlexTip Plus catheter with an open distal end and without lateral holes, and the other a FlexTip Plus Multi Port catheter with a closed distal end and four side holes.

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