Rüsch Tracheostomy Primary Products

Primary Rüsch Tracheostomy Products available through NHS Supply Chain and direct from Teleflex UK.

Rüsch Tracheostomy Product Range

Details of all Rüsch Tracheostomy Products available through NHS Supply Chain and direct from Teleflex UK.

The Optimum Tube for All Applications

Teleflex’s large and diverse range of Rüsch tracheostomy tubes caters for the majority of needs associated with creating and maintaining a healthy neck stoma.

The optimised ratio between inner and outer diameter is characteristic of all Rüsch tubes and helps to support patient comfort and good work of breathing.

High-grade materials, that have been exhaustively tested according to medical criteria, reflect our understanding of high quality.

The Right Solution

With its comprehensive Rüsch tracheostomy portfolio, Teleflex offers solutions for the changing needs of tracheotomy patients.

From acute care through to the demands of long-term tracheostomy, Rüsch provides coordinated options for adult and paediatric patients.

Accessories can be ordered separately for the economical benefit of the hospital budgets.

ENT Long term
CrystalClear X X   X
CrystalClear Plus X X   X
Crystal Suction X X    
TracheoFix X X X  
TracFlex Plus X X X X
TracFlex Plus Subglottic X X    
PercuQuick X X    
PercuTwist X X    

Rüsch Tracheostomy UK Sales Support

Product Sales, Information, Training and Support

Support Area Contact Email
Scotland Stuart Vinter stuart@bellcraigmedical.co.uk
North England, N Wales & N Ireland Tim Lear, Account Manager Tim.Lear@teleflex.com
Central England Sunny Sohal, Account Manager Sunny.Sohal@teleflex.com
South West England & South Wales Rebecca Howell, Account Manager Rebecca.Howell@teleflex.com
South East England & London Grace Eghomie, Snr Account Manager Grace.Eghomie@teleflex.com

Technical & Clinical Support

Contact Email
Val Sweeney Val.Sweeney@teleflex.com

Procurement Support

Contact Email & Telephone
Customer Services Orders.uk@teleflex.com
  01494 532 761
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