Rüsch EZ-Blocker

Small Details, Great Improvements

Teleflex's Rüsch brand EZ-Blocker is a minimally invasive and atraumatic bronchus blocker. Without the disadvantages of existing devices for lung isolation and one lung ventilation, this 7 Fr., 4 lumen, 75 cm, disposable bronchial catheter allows for simplified performance of bilateral procedures.

The improvements of this unique bronchial blocker owe to the fact that it features two distal ends both with an inflatable cuff and a central lumen. The bifurcation resembles the bifurcation of the trachea, meaning that after the EZ-Blocker is advanced through the distal end of a single lumen endotracheal tube, both extensions expand and find their respective ways into the left and right main stem bronchus.

Thanks to the Y-shaped design, the blocker anchors itself onto the carina. The EZ-Blocker will not dislocate following inflation of the isolated lung. If renewed isolation is required, the balloon can be reinflated without having to be repositioned.

The EZ-Blocker is supplied with an adaptor, the EZ-Multiport Adaptor which is designed to facilitate ventilation, EZ-Blocker placement, and the introduction of an fibreoptic- or video bronchoscope, or a suction catheter.

Key Benefits:

  • bilateral procedures are easy to perform
  • quick placement
  • minimal risk of dislocation during procedure
  • enhanced patient safety
  • reduced trauma to the patient
  • can also be used in emergency situations

Teleflex – Enhance Patient Outcomes During Selective Procedures

Please learn more about the advantages of the EZ-Blocker compared to a DLT, presented by Jan Meijerink: