Rüsch Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades

Rüsch Reliability - Our Family of Laryngoscopes

Our standard single-use laryngoscope blades offer a reliable solution to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination without sacrificing quality and affordability. Rüsch Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades offer the opportunity to reduce the risk of infection associated with reusable devices by delivering a new surface every time. These single-use blades eliminate the hidden costs of reusable blades, including the labour and materials associated with reprocessing. Standard blades, such as the Rüsch EquipLite Single-Use Laryngoscope Blade, provide bright, clear LED light with the quality clinicians rely on.

Fiber Optic System Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades

Standard System Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades

Specialty System Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades

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